Android App Developer

We are android app developer base in Malaysia and Singapore that provide android app development for individuals and companies. As one of the leading mobile operating systems around, Android has become the springboard for much advancement in mobile technology in recent history.

Android is developed by Google and is based on Linux kernel. The main marketing target of Android includes tablets and smartphones. The increasing popularity of this operating system has cast more light on the importance and position of Android app developers.

An android developer in this field should make a host of varying considerations in the development process. The application’s compatibility across multiple platforms is one of these considerations. Seeing that Android is the master puppeteer of many different devices in the market, an app developer should make sure about this so-called compatibility. There are a number of practices and patterns in regards to Android, in which the app developer should be highly well-versed.

The android app developer should have a solid mastery over Android SDK and different versions of Android (if you have used different versions, you probably agree how important a knowledge of different version is to the occupational life of a developer in the field). In order to connect Android App Developer Malaysia to back-end services, the developer should be well-experienced in working with RESTful APIs.

In the development process, the developer should have display a rich understanding of performance tuning, offline storage and threading. One other important item on the agenda is familiarity with the open-source Android ecosystem. The developer should follow the latest in technology in order to provide the best service possible. The development of Android applications requires working with push notifications and cloud message APIs as well.

Also critical in a developer’s career is his familiarity with code versioning tools including Git. Our company hosts a well-experienced and highly talented team of Android application developers. They come from a background of app development in various fields. This is why they can meet clients’ demands and requirements from different natures.

In order to win a position in this team, we hold long and serious interviews in order to make sure our developers are able to carry our reputation in the best possible manner.

Android App Developer

Android App Developer

We can guarantee that our Android app team is able to translate designs into high-quality codes, leading to robust and highly-adaptive Android apps. What matters in the quality of an Android app is a combination of responsiveness, performance and usability. The app should welcome possible later modifications and updates. Our developers make sure that the app introduced features the mentioned items.

They also remain available for ‘post-sales’ support and services, making sure our clients are quite comfortable working with the application. The development process includes intense sessions of bottleneck correction and bug fixing. So once the app is introduced, the developers should be quite satisfied with the result, while being ready to take action if needed later on.

A good Android Developer Malaysia comes from long hours of collaboration in a team whose members are well-aware of Android practices, such as Android UI design principles. Our team is one of the groups of this kind.