Animation Company Malaysia

So keeping special parts low was important. For that F1 vehicle all that’s necessary (except electronics) are bearings, screws and nuts!

Around the Truggy, once finished animation company Malaysia still needed to obtain a lexan body to really make it worth putting on the highway. This time around I needed to produce a vehicle that may be entirely three dimensional printed (to some extent obviously). And therefore even when you shouldn’t put electronics within the vehicle, you are able to print and assemble the whole vehicle and use it the office like a awesome three dimensional printing project.

Design-wise, an enormous challenge was taking the suggestions above into account and keep the appearance and form of a genuine size F1 vehicle, but still have the ability to enclose all the electronics inside. For instance, on the real F1 vehicle, the form narrows for the back and I needed to put an electric train engine there rather than which makes it look “bulky”! This offered me a large amount of headaches but It arrived on the scene okay within the finish. Sometimes make compromises, which was one of these.

Animation Company Malaysia

Animation Company Malaysia

F1 vehicle 3

This Year it had been the OpenRC Touring Vehicle, in 2013 the OpenRC Truggy, in 2014 the OpenRC Quadcopter and today the F1 in 2015. Would be the yearly milestones within the OpenRC project something you’re intending to go on for the expected future?

Animation company Malaysia appears reasonable to produce one project annually. It isn’t something I’ve planned but you never know. It requires considerable time and energy but ideas are continually swirling around within my mind and finally they need to emerge I guess…

I additionally think the greater the city develops we will have more projects leave it.


There’s almost 4500 people from the OpenRC Google  community, which makes it one of the most popular three dimensional printing groups on the internet . It is also very active. Why do you consider everyone loves the OpenRC project a lot?