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In the following paragraphs, I’ll expose you to Teigha, a library that gives another way of handling DWG files and ACA objects. We’ll write a little bit of code that produces a home from ACA objects.

If you wish to handle DWG files and AutoCAD objects programmatically, the only real platform choices are ObjectARX and Teigha. All third-party components and programs that may read DWG files use Teigha like a base.

Produce DWGs Like It’s 2016: Teigha For Architecture

Accelerate Your DWG Production With Teigha Architecture

Teigha Architecture is some libraries that permit you to read, write, and take care of objects from the original AutoCAD and app developer is derivatives like ACA. The libraries offer many auxiliary systems that will help you handle AutoCAD objects and rendering products to render the DWG database.

Teigha’s primary features are:

Support DWG, DXF, BDXF, DGN file formats

Render drawing files using GDI, OpenGL, or DirectX having the ability to select organizations.

Edit and manipulate CAD data programmatically, including:

Explode an organization into some simpler organizations.

Use a transformation for an entity.

App Developer

App Developer

Modify arbitrary qualities of database objects.

Clone a database object.

Export to SVG, PDF, DWF, BMP, STL, DAE (Collada).

Import DWF/DAE/DGN files right into a .dwg database.

Support custom objects – people can make custom objects which are functional within any Teigha host application (suitable for .dwg files only).

Support ACIS/Parasolid data internally, including rendering (wireframe and shaded) for embedded three dimensional solids and accessibility underlying boundary representation data.

Implement custom instructions.

Why Must Designers Consider Teigha?

AutoCAD saves its data to .dwg extendable. DWG is really a proprietary binary extendable employed for storing two and three-dimensional app developer data and metadata. DWG is definitely an industrial standard. 1000’s and 1000’s of DWG sketches exist and have to be supported. Besides AutoCAD, there’s just one library which could loadsave and manipulate objects stored like a DWG file: Teigha.

There are many good reasons to use Teigha instead of AutoCAD ObjectARX:

Cost: Should you develop a credit card applicatoin that actually works with information stored like a .dwg file, you’ve two options: develop an AutoCAD wordpress plugin or build up your application according to Teigha. Developing AutoCAD wordpress plugin implies that all your clients need to own an AutoCAD license, which be very expensive. Teigha prices is extremely affordable.