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These questions were requested to 88% from the adult population who’ve a App Developer Malaysia phones. Among this group, we discovered that:

App Developer Malaysia

App Developer Malaysia

41% of cell proprietors support the photographs, contacts along with other files in your phone, so there is a copy in situation their phone is ever broken or lost

32% of cell proprietors remove browser history or search history on the telephone

19% of cell proprietors switch off the place tracking feature on their own cell phone, simply because they were afraid that others or companies might get access to these details

Nearly 1 / 3 of cell proprietors have observed a stolen or lost phone, and 12% have information or contacts on the telephone which make App Developer Malaysia believe that their privacy continues to be compromised.

Mobile phone proprietors want to consider measures to safeguard their private data poor physical security too. Old devices themselves can occasionally fall under the incorrect hands.

Roughly 31% of individuals surveyed experienced losing, misplacing, or getting a telephone stolen. 12% felt these were vulnerable because of the information held in their devices. Even though a backup of the phone is generally performed in situation the telephone is stolen or lost, who owns the stolen or lost unit continues to be concerned about the non-public data around the device.

Youthful users of cell phones (individuals aged 18-24) are more inclined to finish up in one of these simple situations. Roughly 45% from the mobile proprietors within this age bracket stated they have were built with a phone which was stolen or lost. 24% stated that somebody who’d accessibility phone could violate their privacy.

The proprietors of smartphones are wisely managing their mobile data, but additionally face greater risks because of the App Developer Malaysia they will use. Modern proprietors are specifically careful with regards to managing mobile data. Six from ten smartphone users stated they’d a backup copy from the content on their own phone, removed looking or browsing history using their phone, and disabled a tracking device or phone application occasionally.

However, despite these measures, the proprietors of smartphones were also two times as likely as other mobile proprietors to satisfy somebody that had use of their phones data and felt their privacy continues to be invaded.


Now you understand how your users consider App Developer Malaysia phone security and also the invasion of the privacy, you are able to construct your apps with a number of security safeguards and protocols to manifest your users rely upon them.

Call us for that various protocols to follow along with and additional understanding of mobile application development security. We build secure apps that stick to security standards in most industries. Simply building apps isn’t enough, building secure apps that instill a feeling of trust and peace of mind in users is exactly what must be done.