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The Ketchup Metaphor

The easiest method to illustrate the main difference between UX and UI is to apply the ketchup metaphor.

A couple of in the past, there is a ketchup company that developed a beautiful bottle because of its ketchup. It’d a large bottom having a thick and narrow neck. It is made to be always placed upright within the refrigerator. However, when there’s little ketchup left within the bottle, you need to shake the bottle hard to get the ketchup from the bottle making the procedure a little annoying towards the user.

Application Developer

Application Developer

The ketchup company discovered this plus they redesigned the bottle. The brand new bottle includes a wider top which allows you to put it upside lower without getting toppled. Then when there’s little ketchup left within the bottle, all you need to do is put it upside lower and when it’s needed, it’s simpler to squeeze the ketchup from the bottle. You were happy about this.

The brand new design not just reduced the problem, however it improved the expertise of the consumer as built them into faithful to the merchandise. With regards to the appearance or even the UI, the brand new design looked more beautiful and much more helpful.


Both UX and UI are interrelated and intertwined tightly. One cannot exist with no other. Furthermore, they ought to never run by themselves but should coordinate to have success inside your design.

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