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Writing our annual “Highs and Lows” commercial construction blog publish was a little more difficult this season because, overall, 2015 was pretty ideal for Englewood contractor Malaysia and many more within the construction industry. Yet despite its positives, 2015 wasn’t without its commercial construction challenges. Here’s a glance back at our top “highs” and “lows” from 2015:

Weather Proofing

A higher point for Englewood Construction in 2015 was the chance to grow associations with existing clients for example Cooper’s Hawk. Here, employees apply weatherproofing towards the façade of the out-of-the floor Cooper’s Hawk restaurant in Ashburn, Virginia.

Contractor Malaysia

Contractor Malaysia

Top A Banner Year for Englewood Construction

Once we pointed out in last month’s publish, 2015 is a good year for Englewood. Not just did we greater than double our overall volume from 2014 to 2015, but our average value-per-project has bending within the last 2 yrs, too. These figures certainly reflect the ongoing economic recovery cheap there have been simply more bigger construction jobs for all of us to pursue, particularly a substantial pipeline of ground-up construction projects. More to the point, they reflect dedication we made at Englewood to develop – in the kind of work we all do, within the breadth in our associations with this clients, so that as leaders within this industry.

Because of clients who take their rely upon us, we’ve built on the roots in tenant interior finish jobs and retail in-store build-outs and located our niche in ground-up projects, flagship stores and-finish restaurant contractor Malaysia and hospitality work. We’re proud to state we’ve developed using the market along with the needs in our clients, so we value every relationship we’ve produced on the way.Low – Retail’s Ongoing Slump

The retail construction sector was our “lows” within our 2014 “Highs and Lows” blog publish, and regrettably it made their email list again this season. Retail construction activity in 2015 confirmed that stores simply aren’t building like they accustomed to. And based on market research through the National Retail Federation, more and more people shopped online compared to-store within the busy 2015 Thanksgiving weekend, clearly illustrating the difficulties traditional retailers face.