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They provide diversity, coming in a number of textures and colors even mimicking the feel of natural wood and stone. They’re resistant against harsh weather and mildew. Laminate shingles will also be energy-efficient, coming with insulation and reflective materials that blocks the sun’s heat.

Metal Roofing

Should you never wish to have to exchange your homes roof again, metal roofing may well be a smart selection for you. These reliable roofing systems lasts decades, half a century or perhaps longer. They are not only incredible durable, fireresistant and need without any maintenance, metal roofing can also be very great looking. Century Roofing Limited makes contractor Malaysia metal roofs from 100% recycled materials, so that they are an eco-friendly choice.

Flat Roof Options


Its not all house is constructed with a conventional sloped roof. More designers are giving homes a set, square and modern appearance which structures require different roofing systems. Century Roofing Limited offers three flat-roof options:

Contractor Malaysia

Contractor Malaysia

– Built-up roofing: This is available in a gravel or hot asphalt, giving your homes roof excellent protection against water damage and mold and also the sun’s Ultra violet sun rays.

– EDPM: This is a kind of synthetic rubber, contractor Malaysia lightweight, simple to install and may last as long as 3 decades.

– Torch-on systems: This safe from nature’s elements option uses 2-ply or shingles, does apply new or higher a current roof.

Here we are at a brand new roof?

If it is time for you to change your roof, require roof repair or maybe you’re searching for any durable roofing system for any new commercial or residential build, contact Century Roofing Limited. They are able to tackle any roofing project and therefore are pleased to answer any queries you may have concerning the services and products they provide.