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Mobile game analytics can seem to be complicated. With regards to metrics, you will find 100s of figures to trace. Around the simpler finish from the spectrum, you will find metrics like downloads, sessions, and DAUs. These figures are relatively straightforward and measure concrete actions. More difficult metrics includes such things as churn, Average Revenue Per Having to pay User (ARPPU) and DAU/MAU. They are less intuitive to interpret, plus game developer might raise more questions than solutions.

“Am I waiting the correct quantity of your time until I think about a user churned?”

“What is a great ARPPU?”

So we haven’t even introduced more complex analytics concepts like segmentation, funnels and custom occasions! For the time being, we’ll stay with only the metrics and check out what these figures really let you know about your game. While there isn’t any one-size-fits-all insurance policy for game analytics, there are several helpful metrics that will help reveal the best way to enhance your mobile game.

Game Developer

Game Developer

The Fundamentals

Daily Active Customers (DAUs)

Beginning using the basics, DAU is the amount of unique customers that start a minumum of one session inside your application on a day. On their own, DAU along with other higher level metrics don’t provide much understanding of an app’s performance. However, knowing these simple metrics is really a helpful beginning point to have an educated analytics discussion.

Let’s take a look at a good example. Have a hardcore game developer which has 10,000 engaged customers. These customers all take part in the game several occasions every day and positively monetize. Compare that to some news or messaging application which has 1,000,000 DAUs but no monetization mechanics. Another application which has poor retention might operate a user acquisition campaign. Today they’ve 500,000 DAUs, but tomorrow they’re lower to 100,000. A DAU count is just an overview over time, and also the surrounding context could be just like important, or even more important, than the usual large users list.


Each time any user, not only a unique user, opens your application, that counts like a session. Much like DAUs, the entire quantity of sessions requires some context to become a useful number. Particularly, concentrate on the average quantity of sessions per DAU, because this metric let you know about how exactly engaged customers are together with your game.