Graphic Designer

I made use of the Toon Outlines and added a rapidly attracted background (to choose the hands attracted style) but regrettably my result appeared as if a cell shaded gaming from 2002:

Cell Shaded Test

Pretty ugly huh?

The hands attracted substitute from the geometrical structures wasn’t working whatsoever, before I possibly could draw any conclusion I desired to determine graphic designer moving. And So I redrew the backdrop to become natural and made the figures. Here’s the end result:Therefore the background is certainly heading in better direction, however i was still being not deeply in love with individuals black outlines. They provided it look dated and dirty. I attempted modifying the width and also the color but eventually I figured to check on what it appears as though without one. Here’s the end result:

No Outlines

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Far better!

It seemed like graphic designer was finally moving in a direction which i loved. The figures and also the background felt a lot more like they belong within the same world and also the frame entirely appeared more painterly. I made the decision to push it so far as I possibly could.

I made all things in Maya Software with some compositing magic in Nuke (which I’ll explain in greater detail on another tutorial) I managed to get seem like this:

Pretty awesome right?

The backdrop is much more of the placeholder still, and also the animation isn’t totally finished, however i think I arrived on the style that I like. I began with following another person’s idea and gradually switched it into something unique.

For this reason the entire process of finishing a go is really important, now I’ve got a much clearer concept of exactly what the film will seem like. The backdrop isn’t things i thought it’ll be, I’m animating on 2’s, and my figures wobble. They are everything you ought to know before animating every single shot.


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