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Retail apps product page.

Recall the questionable a single click patent by Amazon . com? It’s really helped them make Billions.In mobile phone Mobile App Developer , there is a ‘Buy Now’ option that can take the consumer in the product page to checkout straight.

5. Payment Gateways like a Payment Choice for Online Payments

In a few regions around the globe, where plastic money an internet-based banking has permeated in deep, online payments are preferred over COD. However discussing charge card information directly having a small or midsized business retail Mobile App Developer continues to be a burglar taboo. Just one way of making certain users really buy without hesitation is integrating reliable payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe,Paytm.

Integrating payment gateways/wallets to your retail application or redirecting to some payment gateways page would be the two options you’ve in the checkout stage.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Developer

Both options get their pros and cons:

Payment Gateway Integration:


1. You control the UX in the crucial transactional stage and that means you could personalize the page to save you time.

2. A built-in payment gateway is definitely an in- application page.


1. Because the user’s charge card details are passing using your application you’ll have to obtain a PCI standards approval for that code.

(PCI data security standards appear in the physical world an internet-based, for charge card security.)

Redirecting to Payment Gateway’s page:

Disadvantage :

1. Mobile App Developer might be unable to control the user’s experience because the page is a 3rd party entity. Having a redirection and also the ensuing lag, the consumer will also have reluctant about buying thus creating a leaky hole inside your sales funnel.


1. You’ve got no compliances or standards for example PCI to find certification for.

A feeling of security will make sure you users make that ultimate decision to believe you using their money thus growing sales. Being an added measure training regimen trust badges and win user’s trust.

The UX and UI of the Mobile App Developer take part in the bigger role in figuring out whether your users tends to buy out of your application or otherwise. Keep user convenience and application peace of mind in mind. At AppStudioz we build our apps with secure development practices and great design. For any free consultation on re-designing your application and using the right development practices call us.