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X theme does an excellent job by not adding unnecessary code for your theme for that features you do not use. Use X carefully out on another exaggerate the results. PHP Developer kind of hard, initially I had been taken an excessive amount of with the beautiful effects, however, you cannot exaggerate them. Don’t include all of the shortcodes, sliders, plugins you are able to – only include ones that counts and your site will appear great, load fast and appear professional.
Finally, I arrived at to X creators and also got their feedback and suggestions regarding WordPress theme load speed. Kory Wakefield, X lead PHP Developer shared some great tips generally and described what they’re doing to create X fast:

PHP Developer

PHP Developer

“While these speed tests could be a good indicator of products generally, there are specific facets of their testing that people as theme authors don’t have any control of.

For example, they may convey that “all scripts ought to be gone to live in the foot of the site” – however, we don’t always have total control over this for various reasons:

Some scripts and libraries are loaded in particularly by WordPress so we don’t have any control of their placement. For instance, WordPress loads its bundled jQuery library within the <head> from the site, and as it is a poor practice to get rid of this and move PHP Developer elsewhere, this should be left in position.

WordPress plugin authors include their very own scripts and designs so we don’t have any control of how this really is handled. Some authors may include multiple files for his or her wordpress plugin at the same time, which can make scalping strategies say “you must many HTTP demands, please reduce them”, however, we’ve no control of this.

Regarding deferring the parsing of JavaScript, PHP Developer avoid inline script tags whenever you can, and apply HTML data attributes extensively to help keep JavaScript in their own individual files, but nonetheless get access to data from PHP. Our recent short-code JavaScript overhaul in v3.. from the short-codes wordpress plugin considerably reduced the quantity of inline <script> tags, supplying large gains in this region.

Furthermore, a few of the products indexed by these speed exams are not theme related whatsoever, and rather relate to server-side configuration: