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X theme also offers built styling support for popular plugins Gravity Forms, Contact Page 7, WooCommerce shopping cart PHP Web Developer , bbPress forum and BuddyPress social networking. Which means that these plugins will feel indigenous to each Stack, immediately after installing you and them do not need to invest additional time styling them one at a time.

There aren’t really any 3rd party plugins for that X theme yet but seeing how quickly they’re growing, I wouldn’t be amazed to determine some later on.

How Quickly And Enhanced For Speed X is?

Let’s check how quickly the X demo PHP Web Developer are utilizing Google Pagespeed, Pingdom and GTmetrix tools. Things I like about X is they appear to do the very best they are able to using the beautiful visuals, functionality and animation effects they use in their styles.

PHP Web Developer

PHP Web Developer

When searching in the test results, keep in mind that X theme demos have incorporated plenty of visuals, functionality to demonstrate their theme, that is growing the amount or demands and page size.

For instance Integrity theme demo has:

background fullscreen video in position, which looks amazing, but it’s significant video file

all of the shortcodes are active so that you can demo them

Woocommerce shopping cart software is active

you will find 12 active pages for preview

BuddyPress and bbPress is activated

Keep these issues in mind when previewing performance reports. If you would like to include all the functionality and visuals, PHP Web Developer will have to make trade-offs how quickly your website loads. For usual website you would employ 1/3 or 1/4 of all of the functionality and visuals X has incorporated within the demo.

X full demo page dimensions are 8.5mb, taking site to load in five seconds.

X full demo page dimensions are 8.5mb, taking site to load in five seconds.

Integrity Stack Primary Demo Results:

Pingdom – performance grade 72/100, load time – 4.37 seconds, page size 3.3 mb, 103 demands

GTMetrix – page speed grade 90%, YSlow Grade – 76%, page load time 5.18 seconds, total page size 8.50 mbIntegrity Stack is fairly heavy due to the video preview around the background large feature PHP Web Developer . The request number is high, due to incorporated JS effects, Woocommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress.