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Adding another floor versus. stretching out

To increase in order to venture out? Thatrrrs the true question, a minimum of for home renovation company .

Could it be healthy to suffer intrusive renovations and give a second floor or to accept cheaper, simpler choice of tacking on the room or two towards the rear of the home?

If, you’re paralysed by indecision with regards to adding an additional floor or stretching, this five question guide will help.

1. An issue of cost

The initial question that any renovator must ask is ‘what’s my budget’. If it is tight, the total amount should tilt towards stretching.

That’s because adding an additional floor usually requires serious structural work. To begin with, it’s important to go ahead and take roof off and restore it on again. Then there’s the price of scaffold, along with the extra strengthening which may be needed to accept weight.

In the end, many houses, especially new develops and project homes aren’t created to take another floor.

(Score: 1- to stretching)

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Renovation Company

Renovation Company

2. An issue of convenience

Take into consideration working strongly towards stretching is it is frequently less troublesome. Because adding an additional floor involves using the roof off your house, odds are you’ll need to re-locate – a minimum of even though some renovation happens.

It is not always the situation with stretching. Rather, you may be liberated to live as you’re presently living as the renovations happening, such a long time – obviously – while you don’t mind some daytime noise and builder’s dust.

(Score: 2- to stretching)

Adding an additional floor usually requires serious structural work.

3. An issue of space

Where rising has it over heading out is with regards to saving space.

Unless of course you’ve got a spacious backyard, stretching means your outdoors space will finish up much more cramped.

Because of this stretching makes lots of sense on the large suburban block or semi-rural property. But it’s most likely not really a choice for those who have an inner-city pad on the small stretch of land.

(Score: 2-1 to stretching)

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4. An issue of outlook

Then, obviously, there’s the vista. What lies outside your back fence or perhaps your neighbour’s walls?

A great view can occasionally then add serious value for your place.

If it is something – for example city or district or water sights – rising might make staying at home a bit more enjoyable.

Better still, a great view can occasionally then add serious value for your place. So, by stretching upwards you may be lining your pockets with increased money when the time comes to market.

(Score: 2-2)

5. An issue of taste

Finally, many of the decision to increase or out will most likely come lower towards the home you’re in, the block it’s on and, obviously, your very own preferences.


Many people like the feel of a 2 -floor home others should you prefer a single floor residence. Some qualities lend themselves to a different floor others would look a little silly. Some blocks of land could easily accommodate a sizable extension others simply couldn’t.

About this one, it may only be considered a dead heat.

(Score: 2.5-2.5)

If you are thinking about a renovation company Malaysia it’s important to consider your financial allowance, your conditions, the block of land as well as your existing home to sort out which option suits your circumstances the very best.