Software Developer

Like a developer, you’ve three locations obtainable in the application data container to keep data in your area:

Local can contain both files (LocalFolder) and configurations (LocalSettings) and really should be utilized for just about any information that’s of user value and can’t be easily recreated or downloaded. Data kept in Local could be maintained by the machine when the device supports Application Data Backup. Due to this, you must avoid using Close to store cached or temporary files you could create or fetch again when needed.

Application Data Backup

Throughout a device backup operation, the machine will grab any software developer data in Local and store it included in a tool backup image in OneDrive. When the user resets or replaces the unit, she or he will be presented careful analysis restore an earlier backup, that will restore the application data in Local included in the app’s installation. Observe that by not storing data in Local you’ll effectively be opting from backup for the application.

Software Developer

Software Developer

Guidelines for Local

Use for data with user value that can’t be recreated or downloaded from your software developer . Should you place cached content or throwaway data in Local you’re wasting user storage on OneDrive and delaying how lengthy it requires to set up your application throughout a device restore.

Use for configurations which are unique to some device. Generally, it’s desirable to possess common user configurations on all the user’s products. However for those who have configurations that you simply don’t want roamed you need to store them in Local.

Don’t store credentials in Local. To be able to provide the best consumer experience around credentials, you ought to be while using Credential Locker feature.Cure it for data associated with specific hardware. For those who have data that may simply be consumed on a single physical device where it had been produced don’t devote Local, since the user might want to restore this data to a new device. An example of information associated with specific hardware is anything produced from device ID.

Using LocalFolder