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Rethinking Email Strategy

Over years we’ve been collecting emails having a promise to help keep you updated about Web Designer Singapore news, trends and top level content we publish at 1stWebDesigner. In 2016 you want to last better still. Because of this, we are switching from Mailchimp to ConvertKit to make sure better experience for you personally.

With ConvertKit we can see what sort of content emails you most build relationships. According to these details, we can personalize your email we send for you. For instance if you’re a business proprietor, you’ll be much interested in interviews along with other effective business owners, over a listing of premium styles.

With ConvertKit Web Designer Singapore are able and to create an incredible targeted autoresponder series, where every couple of days you will get actionable tips about how to enhance your WordPress website. We take the time to analyze, all that you should do is spend a couple of minutes to examine that advice and choose if that’s relevant for your work.

Deciding to proceed to ConvertKit.

Deciding to proceed to ConvertKit.

Sounds awesome?

Okay, because we shouldn’t email anybody, who doesn’t wish to receive everything from Web Designer Singapore , we are asking everyone who would like to join their email list, join here. Should you not resubscribe throughout the next 2 days, you won’t be receiving everything from us any longer.

Web Designer Singapore

Web Designer Singapore

I truly do hope you choose to stay or come along. This is actually the signup box:


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