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If the application won’t allow you to exercise, what can?

5. Curl by Nicolas Girard

Health buffs available may state that the model within the app’s GIF displays an incorrect form for bicep curls. But, hey, there’s no questioning this Web Developer Malaysia concept is just awesome! Nicolas used 3DSMax for that armband module and did anything else using Consequences.


Thanks for visiting content that moves!

6. GIF – Workflow Payment by Barthelemy Chalvet for AgenceMe

If you’re not keen on content that moves once the screen is folded, you might believe that this application isn’t awesome whatsoever. However, for those who have not a problem with your, you’ll surely agree this work of Barthelemy Chalvet rocks !. Its animations are actually nice, appearing undeniably fluid and fast. The GIF concentrates on a repayment procedure that doesn’t only look neat but handy, too.

Web Developer Malaysia

Web Developer Malaysia


Obtain the latest details about Web Developer Malaysia preferred celebrity simply by checking their photo

7.FaceScan Application by George Frigo

This animation only can last for 12 seconds. Nevertheless, it’s already pretty apparent what it’s all about. This idea created from George Frigo’s need to begin a similar application that enables Online users to acquire information using a photo of the person, whether he’s a high profile or simply a regular citizen.


Uncover music within an interactive way with WIP Uncover

8.WIP Uncover Music application by Alexander van Ravestyn

Since it’s name suggests, it’s pretty apparent what Alexander van Ravestyn really wants to direct users’ attention towards the entire process of navigating: a slickly designed screen with an mp3 player. This IOS application concentrates on finding music inside a rather interactive way. There’s no denying that it’s simply awesome.

walkthrough animation

Walkthrough has a number of dynamic slides and buttons

9.Walkthrough Animation by Devin Ruppert

The GIF of Walkthrough by Devin Ruppert highlights a welcome screen having a slider with plenty of dynamic slides along with a panel featuring login buttons.